Beaches on island Krk

The island of Krk abounds in gorgeous beaches. We have prepared the top 10 of beaches you need to visit if you are to spend your vacation on the island.

Vela plaža, Baška (Vela Beach)

This amazing beach has become one of the distinctive symbols of the island of Krk and the vacation on the Adriatic coast in general. It is beloved by many bathers of all ages, especially by families with children. The beach is located in the center of Baška and the visitors can find numerous sports and catering establishments in its proximity as well as hotels, campsites and various cultural landmarks.

Sand beach Pećine, Šilo

Small place called Šilo is located in the northeast part of the island. This beautiful sand beach prides itself in its Blue Flag. It is an excellent choice for all bathers who prefer sand beaches. The visitors can find a quiet, pebble beach for dogs nearby. This beach is a perfect spot for the pet owners whose little friends like to bathe and swim.

Portapisana, Krk

One of the oldest island's beaches in located right next to the town of Krk. This small pebble beach is equipped with catering establishments and offers an amazing view on the centuries-old walls of the town of Krk.

Oprna, Stara Baška 

This extraordinary beach is not so easily accessible by foot: you can visit it by boat from the seaside or by walking down over a winding path from the land. However, it is definitely worth the try because it offers a unique enjoyment in the crystal clear waters and a quiet cove with a view on the Kvarner Bay.

Meline, Čižići – Soline

Meline beach is popular among the bathers because of its healing mud which helps prevent different skin diseases or even rheumatic pains. You can walk through the shallow sea along the coast. The beach is excellent for families with little children.

Velo čelo or Golden Bay

This specific beach is located near Punat and can be approached only from the sea. The beach is situated under big, golden cliffs which set a unique intimate atmosphere and somewhat mystical mood like you are on a beach from one of the pirate movies. You can visit the beach in one of the organized excursions – visit the info desk in your hotel or campsite for more information.


Potovišće beach is just few kilometers away from Vrbnik. It has a spacious parking lot so that you can reach it by car. Its crystal clear waters are still a hidden gem since this beach is not so well-known among the island's visitors.

Campsite Njivice Beach

Beautiful, pebble beach of the campsite Njivice has been renovated just a few years ago. You can access the beach by a walking trail from Njivice. The beach has a unique catering establishment in the shade of evergreen oak trees: Cabana bar&more in which you can relax in the privacy of cabanas with a view on Opatija and Učka.

Dog friendly beaches in Njivice

There are several dog friendly beaches in Njivice such as Kijac beach. These beaches are the right place to enjoy the company of your pets.

Koralj beach

This beach is a holder of the Blue Flag and is accessible by a mild walk by the sea from the town of Krk towards the hotel Koralj. It is situated in a small bay and ensures the bathing in beautiful transparent waters.

Naturist beaches on the island 

Here is just a selection of island's naturist beaches for those that prefer nude bathing: Konobe Punat, Malinska, Omišaj, Nivice, Baška, the town of Krk.
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