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House rules camp Njivice

The management of the camp asks its guests to follow the house rules stated below
  1. We ask our guests, due to their own safety and following the law of the Republic of Croatia, to register accurately at the front desk, otherwise the Management of the camp is obligated to charge every unregistered stay according to the valid price list for the current season.
  2. When receiving guests, we ask all guests to register their visit due to their own safety and following the law of the Republic of Croatia, along with the presentation of one personal document. The duration of a visit to the camp is considered up to two hours and every extended stay will be charged according to the valid price list.
  3. We ask all guests to respect the time of checking in and checking out in the accommodation units. When arriving to the camp, the guests have the parcels available from 12:00h, while the mobile homes are available from 17:00h. When checking out, it is necessary to leave the parcel by 12:00 h and the mobile homes by 10:00h, and every extended stay will be charged according to the valid price list.
  4. The choice of the parcel in the camp is given to the guest, other than parcels that have a prior booking, and it is necessary to request approval of the front desk for eventual transfers.
  5. We ask the guests to use the area on the parcels rationally by respecting the area and the privacy of their neighbours.
  6. We ask the guest to always carry with them their check in form, which they will receive during check in and to present the form to employees of the camp on request.
  7. The entrance of personal vehicles is possible during 6:00 to 23:00h with the ramp card, which can be only used by guests who obtained it during check in. We kindly ask that you do not expose the card to heat in order to prevent damage because every damage or loss of the card is subject to a charge according to the valid price list.
  8. Due to your own safety and the safety of the other guests, we ask that you follow the maximum allowed speeds for vehicles, which is 20km/h. Pedestrians have the advantage in the camp in comparison to vehicles.
  9. We ask all guests to respect the night-time peace in the camp every day from 23:00 to 6:00h, and the daily break from 13:00 to 15:00h and to not make noise that can affect the quality of the stay of the other guests.
  10. Setting up tents or sub-tents is allowed from 7:00 to 22:00h.
  11. The invoice can be settled every day at the latest by 21:00h. We suggest you settle your invoice on the day before you leave in order to avoid longer waiting at the front desk.
  12. We ask the guests to treat the property of the camp the same as their own because every damage or disappearance is charged according to the valid price list for the current season.
  13. In order for all guests to use the roads though the camp or their accommodation units without difficulty, parking vehicles outside of the boundaries of your accommodation unit is allowed only with the approval of the front desk.
  14. We ask that you take care of the cleanliness of the area you are using. Dispose of garbage in the appropriate containers, and leave the areas in the sanitary blocks as you would like to find them.
  15. Please respect the ecosystem of our camp so that nature can remain untouched. It is not allowed to damage or pick plants, hammering nails into trees or any damage to the same, washing dishes or laundry in places not predicted for it or washing vehicles or trailers on the area of the camp.
  16. Starting fires in the open is forbidden by law due to the danger of fire. Therefore we ask that within the camp you use electrical or gas barbecues or places where it is allowed to use coal for barbecuing.
  17. At the front desk of the camp it is possible, with a minimum fee, to deposit money, jewellery and other valuable objects. If you have found forgotten or lost objects, please submit them to the front desk.
  18. We ask the guests of the camp to responsibly and carefully take care of their own property as well as the property of the camp, since the camp cannot take responsibility for damage compensation in the event of incorrect handling, intentional damage and alike.
  19. We ask that pet owners register their pets at the front desk and that pets, within the camp, are on a leash. Pet owners are expected to clean after their pets and to dispose of waste in the appropriate cans.
  20. Pets are allowed access to the beach for pets and showers for pets which are located inside the camp, and guests are asked to not bring their pets in their area of the front desk, shops and sanitary facilities.
  21. Suggestions or complaints can be submitted at the front desk of the camp or by email.
  22. Guests are requested to follow all points of the house rules, respecting the facilities and all guests within the facilities. The management of the camp can cancel the use of accommodation services if disregarding these house rules negatively affects the stay of other guests.

We thank you for understanding and wish you a pleasant stay.

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Guarantee for the lowest online prices!

We guarantee the most favourable online prices for all reservations done through the internet page of Hotel Njivice.
If you find the same offer at a more favourable price on another web site, please immediately contact our sales department. We ask that you check if the following terms have been met:
• You contacted us on time and the other offer on the web site of the third party is still active and we are able to check it.
• The other offer regards the same reservation terms (accommodation facility, type of accommodation, date of check in and check out and alike).
If we cannot equalize the price of the other offer because one of the above mentioned terms is not met, you continue to keep your existing reservation – including the rules for cancelling the reservation.
The guarantee of the most favourable price is NOT applied if:

• you make the reservation with special prices for members and/or frequent users, or for loyalty points.
• there is award program or special promotion event which was conducted by the owner of the accommodation.
• you do not contact us before checking in the accommodation facility.