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Marbera Flora Green Villas

New offer for the company Hoteli Njivice are the Marbera Flora Green Villas. These villas will welcome our first guests in Summer 2018! They are situated in a beautiful forest, close to the see and have an incredibly interesting architecture solution. That is why you should choose the villas to experience a different vacation in Croatia!

New way to experience Croatia 

The complex Marbera Flora Green Villas consists of 80 contemporary furnished houses which vary by size (2-8 people). It is precisely the architectural arrangement and position which makes this complex of villas a unique project in this region.

High standard of living in harmony with the natural environment

All villas are characterized by an additional bed in the living room suitable for two children of age up to 10 years and a 15 m2 terrace which blends in with the surrounding nature. The houses are designed with the goal that the private part remains in the back, while the space of the living room and the kitchen blends with nature, thanks to the large glass surfaces and windows..

How to book?

If you are interested in booking, please feel free to contact us by mail or visit soon the official Marbera Flora Green Villas website:

Download the brochure HERE

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