Njivice Hotels & Camp Resort Krk

Njivice hotels d.o.o. is a company based in Njivice on the Krk island. Within the company are two hotels – Beli Kamik hotel and Jadran hotel, as well as Njivice campsite, which has been showing excellent results over the past few years.

The beginning of tourism for Njivice hotels started in 1951, when the company only had Jadran hotel with 17 accommodation units. From that year to the present day the hotel company operates continuously.
Years to come have been marked with development and spreading of accommodation and catering capacities.
In the late '60s, Flora bungalows have been placed in the forest in the immediate vicinity of the main beach. In 1970 the construction of Beli Kamik hotel was started and the upgrading of the existing Jadran hotel.
Today's main building of Beli Kamik hotel has opened its doors to guests in 1978, which also represents a unique functional complex with the existing hotel building.
Njivice campsite operates since 1982 and was expanding with time and improving the service.
Today Njivice Hotels & Camp Resort is a modern touristic complex with 2.000 beds in permanent structures and with a campsite that can accommodate 2.000 guests. Accompanying catering and sport contents and a pebble beach with renovated sundeck, surrounded by green, only contribute to the pleasant stay of a modern guest.
A recognizable brand has been created by quality investments in development of facilities and offer. Our wish is to create a quality product, ensure a continuous training of our staff and a quality communication with business partners and our guests.
The aim of this web page is to create a simple and quick communication with guests and potential partners.
We are happy to welcome you to Njivice Hotels & Camp resort!  
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