Island Krk and Kvarner

From the Adriatic to the mountains, from forests to cities, from serenity to wilderness, from creativity to adventures – Kvarner is the place in which you can get to know all the aspects of your spirit.

Wherever you go or however you combine your stay here, you can choose your own activities. Walk, swim, board, hike – whatever wish you have the Kvarner nature gives you an opportunity to truly enjoy!


The Kvarner Bay connects Istria, Gorski Kotar and Dalmatia. Its archipelago includes the island of Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Pag and Rab, and many other small island and isles such as Goli, Silba and Olib. 
The beginnings of tourism in Croatia and Europe have roots in these areas. Opatija, the Old Lady or the Pearl of the Adriatic how it is often named, was the central gathering place for the European nobility in the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Many kings, emperors, counts and noblemen have vacated in Opatija, which was also a place alluring to many bohemians, poets and actors. A fun fact: Isadora Duncan, a world celebrated ballerina, has found the source of inspiration for her renowned dance moves in the palms of Opatija's parks.

Many other tourists centers in Kvarner region such as Crikvenica, Lovran, Mošćenica or Jadranovo are no less popular. The central city of Kvarner is Rijeka. Rijeka is a political, cultural and university center of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. The city and its surrounding area are famous for its carnival customs and the tradition of wearing of masks. The Rijeka Carnival is a world-renowned event that tops other international carnivals such as those held in Rio de Janeiro or Venice. 

The advantage of this region is the proximity of the border with Slovenia and Italy and a good connection to Zagreb which makes this destination easily accessible and well-visited throughout the year. One of the reasons for its popularity is the fact that you can sometimes go skiing in the mountains and take a bath in the sea during a very same day!

The island of Krk

There is only one golden island in Croatial, Insula Aurea – the island of Krk! It is located in the middle of the Kvarner Bay, on the very north of the Adriatic Sea. 
The island is famous and very attractive tourist destination because of its mild climate, favorable geographic location and the diversity of natural and cultural beauty. These are the very same reasons why it was named the “golden island” in the antiquity.

Its geography is quite peculiar: looking from northwest to southeast, we pass by the picturesque coves and bays, proceed to fertile fields and dense forests with sub-Mediterranean vegetation only to transfer to the karst areas and true mountain landscape ideal for walking, hiking and mountain biking. 

The spirit of the past is kept in the architecture of small villages and towns on the island. There is an ancient belief that the island has an unusual connection to number seven: 
it was inhabited by Croatian tribes in the 7th century AD
it was successfully defended from the pirate attacks seven times
the last count of Krk was seventh count in the succession line of Frankopan noble family 
Krk has seven municipality centers: Omišalj, Malinska, Dobrinj, Vrbnik, Punat and Baška 
Bring over your friends and families to discover the island and the region: scenic places, rich cultural heritage and history, ancient monuments, museums and galleries, romantic trails by the sea or shepherd trails in the wilderness, sand or pebble beaches, and not-to-be-missed flavors of Krk's cuisine and aromas of local wine.

Camping in Croatia

World experts in the segment of camping tourism have named Croatia a “number one European camping destination”. Croatian diverse landscape, thousands of island and isles, peninsulas and bays make Croatia gorgeous and idyllic. 

Croatia is a country where you can spend your days under the sunny blue sky, warm nights under the starry skies, where you can visit eight national parks, numerous nature parks, cities/towns enlisted on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list... All in all, Croatia is the country for camping. 

Almost 90% of all Croatian campsites are located on the Adriatic shore or in the Kvarner Bay and on the Dalmatian islands. Other campsites are situated in the vicinity of rivers and lakes in the continental part of Croatia.

Excursions and transport

The Njivice info desk is to be found on the reception of every hotel or campsite. This is the place where you can find information about the events taking place on the island of Krk or its surroundings. You can also book one-day excursions, rent a car or scooter, and book quad safari adventure over the island.
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